People relocation services

Our people relocation service is designed to support multinational and South African corporates and their employees with destination services within South Africa.

Relocations can be stressful, which is why we offer comprehensive support for our clients. From pre-assignment planning and budgeting, to settling them into their new community. Whatever the need, we have the support team designed to match.

We have a hands on approach to ensure that we create a personal relationship with each client. This allows us to provide tailor made solutions for each individual/ family’s needs.

Our priority is to consistently deliver quality, cost effective relocation services and innovative solutions which are customised to the needs of each client, supporting local, regional and international clients moving to/ within South Africa.

Destination services offered:

  • Pre-assignment orientation.
  • Short term/ temporary accommodation solutions.
  • Home finding solutions.
  • Educational/ school search solutions.
  • Settling-in.
  • Departure.
  • Tenancy management.
  • Expense management.
  • À la carte.
  • Outsourced solutions provided through our preferred service partners.


Pre-assignment orientation (look see/ familiarisation trip)

Our pre-assignment orientation provides an introduction to the new location and is often used as part of the decision making process.

Major elements :

  • Research and arrangements for both housing and schooling visits as well as special visits and appointments as requested.
  • City orientation includes visits to residential communities, shops, medical facilities, special interests and recreational facilities.
  • Briefing and familiarisation on lifestyle, healthcare, security, services, culture, customs & recreation.
  • Accompanied viewing of sample housing, showing a range of locations and types of housing, outlining pros and cons, as well as the proximity to schools, office and amenities.
  • Overview of education/ schooling options and accompanied visits.


Short-term  accommodation programme

The short-term accommodation programme is designed to source, pre-select and secure the appropriate, temporary accommodation for up to 3 months- providing significant cost & comfort benefits over extended hotel stays.

Major elements :

  • Research serviced and furnished corporate apartment options.
  • Forward details including photographs, web-links and facilities to client.
  • Secure accommodation and coordinating the signing of the required documentation. i.e. booking forms and payments.
  • Accompanied viewings are not included.

The short-term accommodation programme is customised to suit the requirements of clients who are on assignment between 6 – 12 months.

Major elements :

  • Source short-term accommodation, providing significant cost and comfort benefits over extended hotel stays.
  • Ensure accommodation is in line with specified requirements, budget & policy, while being in reasonable proximity to the clients office.
  • Preview for suitability.
  • Forward comprehensive details of available options to client for selection, such as the location, web-link and facilities.
  • Secure accommodation and coordinate the signing of the required documentation (generally a booking form) and payments.
  • Accompanied viewings are not included.

Home finding solutions

We offer a range of home finding solutions designed for both single clients and families. These cover a spectrum of needs and support levels, from a targeted 1 day home find to a VIP total support programme.

Major elements :

  • Provide clients with targeted assistance in finding a home in pre-identified areas which are matched to their specified requirements and personal budgets.
  • Research housing options based on a detailed needs assessment.
  • Set up home viewing appointments and forward itinerary prior to arrival.
  • An accompanied home viewing.

On selection of a property:

  • Conduct a walk-through of the property to assess the property condition and negotiate any maintenance or inclusions into the lease.
  • Negotiate lease terms, draft or review the lease to ensure the best possible terms.
  • Coordinate signing of lease and invoice for deposit and the first month’s rent.
  • Conduct a check-in inspection, documenting the specific conditions of the property.
  • Obtain sign-off from both the client and landlord.
  • Provide property handover and move-in day assistance. This  ensures that landlord, agent or property manager is available to explain the operation of electrical, alarm, pool, irrigation and other systems and equipment at the property.
  • Explain maintenance obligations during tenancy and the requirements for returning property in a good condition on lease termination.
  • Explain how utility companies bill for services and advise on the best method of payment.
  • Provide sample bills and a walk through of the bills process.
  • Work with the landlord to resolve any repair issues prior to occupation.
  • Forward copies of property documentation (lease, check-in, telephone deposit receipt, as well as landlord and agent details).
  • Assist with arrangements to have utilities connected at the time of permanent occupation (electricity, water and telephone/ internet).


Education/ school search solutions

We offer accompanied and coordinated education/ school search programmes to support families in sourcing appropriate options and facilitating placement.

Major elements :

  • Detailed needs assessment.
  • Research schooling options and their availability.
  • Provide pre-arrival information to client of suitable schools (including websites, curricula, fees and availability).
  • Set up appointments and accompany client on visits to preferred school/s.
  • Assist with school admission requirements and registration.
  • Address any questions or concerns.


Practical post-move support to assist the client and their family in gaining local area knowledge.

Major elements :

  • Provide client and their family with comprehensive information surrounding banking, purchasing of a car, telecoms/ internet, healthcare, security, insurance and general living.
  • Local area orientation. We will provide an accompanied local area tour to familiarise our client with closest shopping, medical, recreational facilities, post office, police station and other amenities.



Our departure service encompasses the coordination of all activities required to enable a client to leave a property.

Major elements:

  • The departure service encompasses the coordination of all activities required to enable the tenant/ client to move out of the rental property, including:
  • Lease termination, as well as coordination of cleaning and repairs to property and security deposit return.
  • Review lease termination clause to avoid lease-breaking fees and minimise additional rent payments.
  • Provide termination notice or appropriate documentation to the landlord within two days of receiving instruction.
  • Request proof of security deposit from landlord.
  • Accompany client on pre-exit walk-through inspection to determine potential damages that need to be fixed prior to the Final Inspection.
  • Procure quotations for required cleaning and repairs.
  • Agree on damages with client and landlord prior to the lease termination date.
  • Coordinate repairs & cleaning with client.
  • Facilitate the payment of contractors, rent and utilities due.
  • Terminate utilities and other home related contracts where possible or provide client with instructions on how to terminate.
  • Document specific condition of property, otherwise known as an exit inspection report, which includes the signatures of both the client and landlord.
  • Negotiate the refund of the deposit within 30 days of the lease termination date.
  • Please note: Elliott Mobility cannot guarantee the refund of deposits held by third parties.


Tenancy management services

  • Monthly property management while the property is vacant or rented out to a tenant.
  • Weekly inspections of the property.
  • Access for pool and garden service providers.
  • Arrange for property maintenance as and when required.
  • Arranging payments (rent, utilities and cleaning).
  • Attending to any emergency repairs etc.

Expense management

  • To ensure that time sensitive payments are turned around promptly, Elliott Mobility offers expense management services.
  • The advantage to the client is that the registration of multiple vendors, who are typically only used once or twice, is not required.
  • The types of payment that could be made on your behalf are:
    • Temporary accommodation.
    • Deposits as well as first month’s rental.
    • Any other costs associated with the client that may need to be made to an unregistered vendor.
    • Disbursements will be signed-off by client and will be invoiced by Elliott Mobility for prompt payment.


À la carte & additional services provided by Elliott Mobility.

Rental furniture coordination

  • We will arrange the rental of furniture and household goods prior to the arrival of the furniture shipment, or as an alternative to the client shipping their goods.
  • Services include:
    • Establish requirements.
    • Obtain quotations.
    • Client’s signed order and facilitation of initial invoices.
    • Accept and check delivery (if required).
    • Coordinate collection (linked to delivery of household goods).
    • Follow up on refund of rental deposit.

A convenient add-on for clients & families who are moving directly into self-catering accommodation on arrival in South Africa. Please be aware that the cost of provisioning is excluded.

Lease negotiations & documentation

  • Conduct walk-through of selected property to identify any maintenance/ inclusions in the lease.
  • Negotiate best terms.
  • Draft letter of intent to secure the property on basic agreed terms.
  • Draft of lease agreement, ensuring favourable terms for client.
  • Lease documentation and signature.
  • Coordinate required invoices and payments.

Lease renewal fee

  • Negotiate and document favourable lease renewal terms.
  • Coordinate client/ company and landlord signature.
  • Forward lease renewal to appropriate parties and advise on any rental escalation or variation of original terms of lease.

Check-in inspection

  • Conduct a check-in and inventory inspection, this includes documenting the condition of the property and its contents.
  • Take photographs of any defects.
  • Ensure the accommodation is ready for occupation, making sure it’s professionally cleaned and in good condition.
  • Coordinate move-in arrangements with both the client and landlord.

Traffic registration number assistance
Accompany client to a local licensing office with the required documentation to obtain a traffic registration number. This enables the registration & licensing of any motor vehicle(s) in his or her name.


  • Credit report on prospective landlord.
  • Property deed/ title deed report on the prospective property.

Outsourced solutions provided though our preferred service partners
Working with a network of “best in class” partners to provide our clients the following:

  • Immigration services
  • Cross cultural training
  • Security consultancy
  • Language training
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