Short-term and Temporary Housing Solutions

The Short Term Assignment Programme is customised to suit the requirements of assignees on short-term assignments (typically six months to a year).

Major Elements:

  • Research the best furnished apartment options in terms of area and budget
  • Accompanied viewing (maximum of five properties)
  • Negotiate rent, draft or review lease to ensure most favourable terms, coordinate signature and invoices for initial payments
  • Conduct Check-In Inspection, including Contents Inventory to document specific condition of the property and obtain assignee sign off
  • Explain utility arrangements to assignee, maintenance of property and move out process at end of assignment
  • Property handover on occupation 
  • Core settling-in services (local area tour identifying closest shops, medical facilities etc.)
  • Settling-In Information (banking, insurance, car purchase, driving; setting up telephone/internet, cable TV)

 The Temporary/Interim Housing Programme is designed to Source, pre-select and secure appropriate, temporary accommodation, for up to 3 months, providing significant cost and comfort benefits over extended hotel stays.

Major Elements:

  • Research serviced furnished corporate apartment options
  • Forward details and photographs or web links to assignee for selection
  • Secure apartment (in company or assignee name)
  • Provide initial rent/security deposit information to company or assignee
  • Participate in inspection with assignee and property manager (assignee signs off of condition and inventory)
  • Explain parking, security, access arrangements and facilities
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