Settling-In Services

Practical Post-Move support to assist the family gain local area knowledge and act as a resource to the assignee/family post arrival. This service can be provided as a stand-alone service or added to a home search programme.

Major Elements – based on needs assessment, services and time to be prioritized with assignee / family:

  • Local Area Orientation: accompanied local area tour to familiarise assignee (or spouse) with closest shopping, medical and recreational facilities, post office, police station and other amenities
  • Banking: provide information on options; Accompany assignee to banking institution and assist with opening a bank account and obtaining credit cards
  • Car purchase: explain how to purchase a car (where to/where not to shop for a car), accompany or coordinate visits to dealerships, provide information on car registration and licensing procedures including renewals and car insurance options
  • Traffic Register Number Assistance: take assignee to local Licensing Office with the requisite documentation to obtain a Traffic Register Number and to enable registration & licensing of motor vehicle(s) in his or her name
  • Healthcare: explain healthcare system and recommend medical clinic, doctors, dentists and specialists and explain how to access emergency services (police, fire, ambulance)
  • Security: provide guidance of obtaining access cards and / or linking alarm system to security monitoring services
  • Telephone/Internet, Cable TV: coordinate hook up, accompany assignee or provide comprehensive information, as required
  • General Living: provide assignee/family with our city specific Mobility Guide containing comprehensive information on where and how to obtain goods and services (domestic help, maintenance providers), how to use the postal system, how to obtain insurance, churches and houses of worship, recreational and leisure activities, clubs and organisations, rubbish collection and re-cycling
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