Pre-Assignment Orientations

Introduces the assignee to the new location via a well organised orientation, and often used as part of decision making process.

Major Elements:

  • Research and organise arrangements for Pre-Decision Trip including: sample housing visits, school visits (2-Day programme typically), special visits and appointments as requested
  • Provide Itinerary two days prior to assignee arrival 
  • Based on needs assessment, conduct city orientation including: tour and visits to residential communities, shopping areas, medical facilities, special interests and recreational facilities; 
  • Briefing and familiarisation on lifestyle, healthcare, security, culture, customs, recreation 
  • Accompanied viewing of sample housing , showing a range of locations and types of housing (up  to three  for 1-Day programme and six for 2-Day programme) outlining pros and cons, proximity to schools and office

Overview of schooling options and accompanied visits (private and international), availability, enrolment process

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