Departure Programmes

The Departure Service encompasses the coordination of all activities required to enable an expatriate to leave the country upon repatriation, including: lease termination, utility disconnection, reconciliation of repairs to property and security deposit return.

Major Elements:

  • Check planned repatriation date with assignee
  • Review lease termination clause to avoid lease-breaking fees and minimize additional rent payments
  • Provide termination notice or appropriate documentation to the landlord within two days of receiving instruction
  • Request proof of security deposit from landlord
  • Accompany assignee on Pre-Exit Walk-Through inspection to determine potential damages that  need to be fixed prior to the Final Inspection
  • Procure quotations for required cleaning and repairs (to assignee or client per company policy and minimum of two quotations
  • Agree on damages with transferee and landlord prior to the lease termination date
  • Coordinate repairs & cleaning with assignee
  • Facilitate the payment of contractors, rent and utilities due 
  • Terminate utilities and other home related contracts, where possible or provide assignee with instructions on how to terminate
  • Document specific condition of property (Exit Inspection Report) including where possible signatures of assignee and landlord
  • Negotiate deposit refund within 30 days of lease termination date (Note: We cannot guarantee the refund of deposits held by third parties)
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