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South Africa is a very cosmopolitan country – many foreign nationals from all over the world have chosen to make South Africa either their holiday or permanent home, in addition to many expatriates on international assignments. The country has a reputation for not being as friendly, hospital or welcoming as many other international cities so despite its exceptional beauty you may not find it as easy to meet and socialise, initially, especially with the locals and may therefore have to rely on work colleagues, getting involved in volunteer activities, or joining sporting, social and expatriate clubs and church groups depending on your interests.

Home country embassies and / or consular offices are a very useful information resource for their nationals. Other useful resources are:

  • American Citizens Abroad (ACA) is a non-profit association dedicated to serving and defending the interests of individual US citizens world-wide; members receive a regular publication, the ACA News Report. Web site: www.aca.ch

  • The Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) is a support network for American women expatriates. It is a non-profit international network of clubs, particularly active in the fields of US citizen’s concerns, education, environmental protection and women and children’s rights. Web site: www.fawco.org

  • The British Council is the UK’s international organization for educational and cultural relations and is a valuable source of information for English speaking expatriates. Web site: www.britcoun.org or email: enquiries.Cape Town@britishcouncil.org.za

  • The Goethe-Institute is a world-wide, non profit organization offering social and cultural activities for German-speaking expatriates and promoting German culture and language. Web site: www.goethe.de or email: il@jburg.goethe.org

  • Maison des Francais de l’Etranger is the department of the French foreign ministry providing services for French expatriates, publishes Le Livret du Francais a’ l’etranger and individual country studies. Web site: www.exptries.org



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