Eating Out

South Africa’s casual, open-air lifestyle is reflected in its restaurants and the tip of Africa has no entrenched, fine-dining heritage. The various cities and provinces offer excellent eating experiences and a wide range of cuisine, reflecting both its cultural heritage and global dining trends. Food and wine are relatively inexpensive by global standards. We have excellent publications for “foodies” like Eat Out, Wine Magazine’s Top 100 Restaurants. 

In restaurants and bars, a tip of 10% - 15% of the bill is customary. Restaurants do not usually include the gratuity on the bill, leaving it up to you to decide how much tip the service warranted.

South Africa’s anti-smoking laws are some of the most progressive in the world. There are restrictions on smoking in public places and all restaurants, bars and clubs are obliged to enforce a no-smoking rule except in designated smoking areas, which are mostly out of doors. Smoking in private homes is at the discretion of the host, though typically, smokers will go outside to smoke.

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