Cameroon- Yaounde

  • Yaoundé is Cameroon’s capital as well as the country’s largest city – with a population of 2.4 million people, roughly the same size as the country’s second largest city, Douala.
  • The cost of living in Yaoundé is low with the city being ranked the 611th most expensive city to live in (out of 780 cities).
  • The Yaoundé (and Cameroonian) economy is largely cash based.  Debit or credit cards will typically only be accepted at international hotels and some restaurants and grocery shops.
  • Healthcare in Yaoundé is adequate for very minor problems. For anything more serious, medical evacuation is recommended. It is important that expatriates ensure that their medical insurance includes medical evacuation.
  • To drive in Cameroon, a local Driver’s License is needed. An International License will however be accepted for the time it takes to get a local license. Because of incidences of police corruption and the poor quality of roads, it is recommended that expatriates make use of drivers. 
  • Crime rates in Cameroon are high. Visitors and expatriates must therefore take precautionary measures to ensure both their personal safety and their safety at home.
  • In addition to crime, Cameroon faces the challenge of political instability. Expatriates are, for example, not advised to travel to the Bakassi Peninsula as this is the subject of a disputed border conflict with Nigeria. 
  • Short term housing is very limited in Yaoundé. If expatriates require short term housing, they will typically need to book longer term stays at hotels. 
  • Unfurnished apartments in Yaoundé range in price from $2,184 for a 1 bedroom apartment to $5,750 for a 3 bedroom apartment.
  • Leases in Cameroon typically last for 1 year, with an option to renew.
  • Rentals are typically paid for 3 month or 6 months periods – in advance.
  • Utilities will typically not be included in advertised rental amounts. 
  • The academic year in Cameroon runs from September to June – like the European and American systems.
  • Before considering an assignment in Cameroon, expatriates with children are always advised to secure places in one of the International Schools before accepting the assignment.
  • Popular International Schools for expatriate children include the American School of Yaoundé, École International Le Flamboyant, Lycée Fustel de Coulanges and Rain Forest International School. 
  • While Yaoundé is the commercial capital and preferred in terms of scenery, the city of Douala is considered Cameroon’s commercial capital. 

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