Immigration Alert November 2014

NEWS ALERT: SA now issuing second intra-company transfer visas to current holders

As of 27 October 2014, the South African Department of Home Affairs has issued a new Directive that allows applicants who have already received an intra-company transfer (ICT) visa under the old legislation to apply for a second ICT visa for up to four years, in order to continue their international assignments.

This change solves one of the major challenges created by the recent implementation of the new South African Immigration laws, which included a provision that ICT visas could not be extended or renewed. The new Directive is effective immediately.

Chief Executive of Elliott Mobility Relocation Services, Corallie Pringle says, “Prior to this new Directive, expats would have to leave the country at the end of their two-year visa – with no guarantee of being able to return. This uncertainty was negatively impacting both businesses and families.”

The new Directive requires that the applicant meets all the necessary requirements and return to their home country in order to apply through the appropriate South African mission. The newly issued ICT visa will then be valid for four years.

“We would advise our clients who currently hold ICT visas issued under the old legislation to begin planning to return to their home countries in order to apply for a new four-year ICT visa,” says Pringle. “Doing so will ensure your international assignment can continue smoothly and will prevent issues later on.”

In addition, companies are advised to prepare their Transfer of Skills Plan well in advance of application for a second Intra-Company Transfer Visa in line with the new requirements.

Should you or your company have any questions or concerns regarding the new Directive, the members of the Elliott Mobility Relocation team are well versed in all the new South African immigration requirements and regulations and are readily available to help.

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